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How To Beat Bigger, Stronger, Meaner Guys In A Fight.. How to break your attacker’s hands… with his own punch!

Learn to create an impenetrable defensive shield that even the most skilled street fighters will find difficult to penetrate, keeping you safe from
harm and taking blows to the face

How to “jam” your opponents strongest attack before it has a chance to break you in two.  You can cut this out instantly and turn the tables on your attacker in a blink with the right counter attacking moves!

Learn the code red system to instantly turn fear to your advantage and let your training automatically KICK IN to stop your opponent dead in his tracks 

How to stop a stronger attacker from lunging and taking you to the ground – most fights end up this way and it’s crucial you know how to prevent this especially when facing multiple attackers

Last resort moves that should only be used in EXTREME SITUATIONS – you may tear flesh, blind or even maim your attacker

street fighting ebookGaining access to this training means you’ll be transformed into a dangerous and effective street fighter in the shortest amount of time. Plus, you’ll be able to handle…

  • Street Fights With Veteran Thugs
  • Petty Store Front Robbers
  • Random Attacks From Bigger Guys
  • Hooligans Stupid Enough To “TRY” You Out For Fun
  • Thieves Who Want To Steal Your Hard Earned Money
  • Criminal Scumbags Who Threaten Your Family With Violence

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