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Hack The Worlds Most Effective And Devastating Fighting Arts Without Travelling, Spending A Fortune Or Taking 30 Years To Learn!

1.16pm Thursday
From: Lee Mainprize, President

Institute of Martial Arts Professionals

Dear Friend,

I’m not going to waste your time with a load of spiel about “why self defence is important” and all that.  You already know that.

You’re here because you want something more, right?

You’re here because you want THE BEST OF THE BEST martial arts training in the world!

You’ve probably seen all the typical self defence stuff out there which is great for the general public that don’t have any martial training.  That’s fine for these guys but I am guessing your different you want much more than this, and you expect alot more than this!

You don’t just want to settle for average skills and abilities like regular martial artists you want to go way beyond this, and not spend 20 years doing it either.

If you’re genuinely interested in dramatically shortening the learning curve and learn the secrets to true mastery then continue reading.

Secrets are only secrets if you don’t know them, unlocking them and gaining access can open up a completely new world of possibilities.

If you want to learn the very best, hands down most effective skills that the martial arts has to offer and be that guy that owns them, and others looks up to for your skills and knowledge.

Then the information contained on this page is going to be very important to you.

It’s a long and hard journey to attain these skills the traditional way, very few accomplish it.

You’re talking 20 at least years of your life, constantly travelling to seminars learning from many different Masters.

But that’s the old way AND now there’s a NEW WAY to get there much faster….


How To Attain Total
Fight Mastery

Imagine if you where a millionaire and you could travel the world training with the best martial artists and learn the best fighting systems.

It would be awesome wouldn’t it!

Imagine how good you would be?

You’d achieve master level for sure, I mean to become the best you have to have trained with the best, I’m sure you’ll agree that makes perfect sense!

Sure it’s going to take allot of trial and error finding out who’s the real deal and who’s not but..

If you want to become the best, dramatically shorten the learning curve to Martial Fight Mastery and learn the kind of skills most martial artists will never know.

Then stick with me.

Most of us are not millionaires, we don’t have the funds, the time and probably the commitment to actually spend 10-20 years of our lives to achieve this kind of skill.

There’s only one guy I know who has been in the privileged position equivalent to that of a millionaire who has trained with such an array of masters and his name is Bob Sykes.

Bob Sykes is the godfather of British martial arts, he founded the UKs most successful Martial Arts Magazine “Martial Arts Illustrated” over 20 years ago and is the real deal Master.

Being the editor put Bob into the cat seat of martial arts because it gave him unprecedented  access to the best training and fighting systems the world has to offer for over 20 years unlike anyone else in the world I know!.

Everyone and anyone wanted to be in Bobs magazine, this gave Bob the perfect opportunity to learn the best of what everyone had to offer from almost every style out there, Bob threw much away but kept the best of it for himself.

I don’t know anyone in the world who has had access to the training that Bob has, he’s amassed the skill and knowledge only a handful have attained.

The great news is you don’t have to be a millionaire or run your own martial arts magazine for 20 years like Bob, because I finally convinced Bob to cram the best of the best martial arts onto a ground breaking new program.

Its called “The Blueprint Decoded”

and it combines the best fighting techniques from the best fighting styles from a lifetime of martial arts study, giving you every strategy you will need to help you sky rocket your skills and destroy your opponent in a real life street fight.

The Blueprint Decoded gives you a front row seat to learning an array of skills very few martial artists in the world will ever be lucky enough to know.. until now!

Here are just some of the incredible skills shared on this ground breaking new program:-

REVEALED! The ultimate “close quarter” fighting system in its ancient form that finishes any fight in a blink – Bob’s personal favourite system for the street.

Pressure Point Skills – use these two simple TAPS onto the head to send your opponent –  no matter how big he is – reeling in pain 10 feet away INSTANTLY

How to develop brutal power in your elbow strikes so you can end fights fast

The ultimate in martial strength and conditioning “Iron Shirt” Kung Fu Exercises

An extremely rare form exposed under the risk of a Death Oath!

Bob shares his most devastating technique that made him victorious in the legendary “Clash of the Titans”

The most lethal stickfighting methods known to man!

And much more!!!

The Ultimate Martial
Arts Guide

So let me give you a little more background on Bob Sykes… firstly Bob is an outstanding fighter with an impressive fight career he’s not only trained with the best he’s fought most of them too!

Alfie “The Animal” Lewis, Kash “The Flash” Gill, Arthur O’Loughlin Jackson White and too many other names to mention…

He is a real fighter and someone who has the reputation for being “fearless” never backing down from a challenge.

Like the time he challenged Bill “Superfoot” Wallace the undefeated Full Contact Kickboxing champion, a man with a left leg recorded at kicking speeds of over 60 miles per hour, to a match at his own seminar, it’s a fight that went down in folklore.

Bob had already performed a demonstration bout with Mr Wallace 2 months prior on cable TV.

The seminar took place in Manchester and after some hard training it was time for free sparring.

Bob wanted to make a big impression and headed straight for Mr Wallace.

So the stage was set for Bob to go to work on Mr Wallace who incidentally had the same intentions as Bob.

The bruising encounter lasted 15 minutes and everyone in attendance stopped to watch the insuing war.
**a few well timed photo’s of Bob V Bill

At the end a well done from “Bill” and a wave of acceptance from onlookers was enough to let Bob know he had faired well.

It’s an event that is still talked about to this day!.

“The Challenge”
Wing Chun Wars

Let me tell you about the time he issued a challenge to 4 of the best Wing Chun Masters in the UK to a match – Master Derek Jones was the only one who took up the challenge, the saga was labeled the “Wing Chun Wars”

It was in the eighties and a time when the media where fixated on martial arts teachers being openly challenged and in some cases, attacked and beaten by representatives of opposing groups.

The bare knuckle fight took place in Huddersfield on top of a remote hill.

It was a fight between North and South and both had brought some heavy trusted back up in case things got ugly.

Derek came out of know where and began attacking Bob with straight punches… it was on!

It went from clinch to the ground and back to feet.

Bob let two successful thai style shin kicks go, both found their target, he followed it up with a well timed back kick which thundered into Dereks mid section.

Dereks fingers gouged Bobs eye and his straight blast of punches fractured his cheek bone.

Bob could now see 3 of Derek as he did he threw a right hand which connected and Derek fell to the ground, looking like he had no fight left. **a few photos of the infamous wing chun wars fight

Bob remembers 2 Londoners reaching inside their jackets at this point –  “get the guns out the car” someone shouted with a northern accent.

There where no guns but the bluff paid off and the south backed off.

Bob pulled Derek to his feet and proclaimed the fight a draw!

Sadly Derek is longer with us but Bob who became good friends with Derek after the fight has no hesitation in telling me Derek was a “true warrior”

I could listen to Master Sykes recounting stories like these all day, he’s a very interesting and charismatic character guy who has lived a colourful life, he’s the real deal for sure.

That’s why when Bob speaks people listen because he has been there and done it… he is someone who has walked the walk many times when many guys simple talk the talk.

Infact he’s just completed a sell out tour of Martial Arts Seminars throughout the UK.

And because he is a fighter he knows the difference instantly between the guys that merely pretend they can fight because Bob doesn’t hesitate to get the gloves on and test them out to see if there are as good as they say they are!

That’s what I like about Bob he’s a straight shooter and always gets to the crux of things fast!

So let me take you through whats covered on…

“The Blueprint Decoded”
The Insiders Guide To The Best Fight Mastery Secrets

Volume 1
Devastating Elbows

The big grey area in most martial arts is when things get close in fighting – the range that real fights actually take place, this system is the most effective Bob has encountered in 30 years of seeing pretty much everything there is to see when fighting at this range.

Problem is most martial arts styles Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo are great at fighting from a distance.

A real fight is brutal it’s in your face and you don’t have time to fight from the outside…

It all ends in a blink… before you’ve got a chance to get into your fighting stance.

It’s the forgotten range of martial arts that’s without doubt the most important when it comes to surviving on the streets.

Having seen this in action I can see why Bob believes this is the best for fighting at this range,  I’ve personally trained Keysi Fighting Method for 4-5 years, I’ve studied Krav Maga, MMA and seen all the reality based and World War 2 hand to hand stuff but for me this beats them all, infact many of these systems have taken from this fighting system it’s that good!

For a start its only 3 moves so it’s not complicated to learn.  It works defending against any type of attack.

The MMA fighter trying to grapple, boxer trying to knockout you out, street fighter trying to headbutt.

And it’s not going to take years to master like many other systems.

When your life’s on the line you don’t have time to think, you only react.

That’s why you need only a few deadly effective techniques that hit your opponent like a canon!

And that’s what’s so good about this.

Here’s some highlights from this volume.

Devastating Elbows strikes from a little known system, these are nasty!

This 3 point attack system is the most lethal fight finisher, it’s the hammer, the canon of the martial arts.

How to develop the physical attributes and conditioning exercises specifically designed to generate massive power in your elbow strikes

Learn the strongest defensive shape known to man – train this to develop an almost impenetrable defence

Volume 2
Close Quarter Fight Mastery

Volume 2 is building on what’s covered in Volume 1 and going deeper.

How to put your whole body into your elbow strikes with twisting the body drill to generate massive power

How to develop 360 degrees fighting vision to deal with attacks from any angle

How to strike while moving and turning for taking out multiple attackers

A howitzer of a punch perfect for close quarter fighting that is so effect when it connects, its game over!

A reaction feel drill that helps you defend and counter any punch even with your head!

Internal Mastery – How to tap into your chi and become a more powerful martial artist.

Bob shares his most devastating technique that made him victorious in the legendary “Clash of the Titans” an early mixed martial arts event pre UFC.

Volume 3
Weapon Mastery

Learn weaponry skills taught directly from a Philipino Masters.

How to distort your opponents distance so he can’t see your attacks coming

How to use your non weapon hand to triple the power of your strikes

How to wield a heavy weapon such as pick axe handle, baseball or cricket bat effectively

The 5 point attack system to drop any fighter

Turn every edge of your weapon into a deadly attack

How to fire lightening fast stick combinations with explosive power

A simple distraction to knock out your opponent with your empty hand

Close quarter choking techniques using your weapon

Snowball your skills and learn to merge the elbows with a weapon as taught in volume 1-2

Stick sparring master class

Stick fighting myths exposed what really works and what doesn’t

How to truly connect your body to your weapon to be one

Internal Mastery – How to draw your energy into your sacred chakra


Volume 4
Mind Games

Learn an extremely rare Indonesian form taught to Bob by someone who had to fast for 40 days and 40 nights and undertake a death oath to learn it, sounds far fetched but its true!

Bob brings in expert Dr Rory McSweeney – to cover the mental side of fighting which is rarely taught and understood but a vital piece of the mastery jigsaw.

In a game of poker if we took 10 players and played over 10 hours, mathematically they are all going to get good and bad cards, yet in a game of poker the best players always come out on top.  In the world series its always the same faces winning.  So if it’s just about the cards how come these guys come out on top every time!

Are they the luckiest players or do they have something else?

This Volume reveals exactly what these top players/fighters have and how to attain it.

Bruce Lee said when two fighters of equal speed, ability and power meet it is the master of the faint who will be victorious, and he was right.

In today’s world of high level competition of mixed martial arts its becoming less about how fast, how powerful  or how much ability you have, BUT it’s about  how you can read each other’s game just like in poker everyone has the same cards it’s the person with the most information and who uses this information against their opponent that wins!

Here are just some of the mind training you’ll be able to tap into…

Learn to understand what your opponent is thinking

Get inside the mind of your opponent and learn to use this against him

How to get the mental edge on your opponent

How to eliminate luck and fight well all the time!

Plus, just to make this a complete “no-brainer” decision for you, I’m also going to throw in THESE great bonuses:

Bonus #1: Pressure Point Fighting Video

  • Use these two simple TAPS onto the head to send your opponent – no matter how big he is – reeling in pain 10 feet away INSTANTLY (you’ll create a shield around you no one can penetrate)
  • 7 consecutive pressure point attack system that leaves your opponent completely STUNNED (he’ll be left in a daze not knowing what to do next)

Bob shares the TRUTH on pressure points, these pressure point attacks Bob shows are really effective – it won’t take you 10 years to pull them off like most pressure points skills which is why these are Bob’s personal favourites.


Bonus #2: Sun Tzu – The Art of War

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military text that is attributed to Sun Tzu, a high ranking military general and strategist.  Composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare, it is said to be the definitive work on military strategies and tactics of its time, and is still read for its military insights.

The Art of War is one of the oldest and most successful books on fighting strategy in the world. It has been the most famous and influential of China’s Seven Military Classics: “for the last two thousand years it remained the most important military blueprint in Asia, where even the common people knew it by name.  It has had an influence on Eastern military thinking, business tactics, fight strategy and beyond and it’s yours FREE if you purchase today.


Bonus #3: Iron Shirt
Kung Fu Training

Conditioning is the oil that makes the engine perform at its best and this training will really help you maximise the elbows learnt in Volume 1. Kept hidden by Chinese and Indonesian Masters for years these exercises will help you increase your skill ten fold.

You’ll learn how to work your tendons to develop an “Iron Shirt” and be able to take hard blows and deliver much more power strikes to your opponents.

Conditioning is the key to martial arts mastery and these exercises are the key to unlocking this.

Try These DVDs Risk Free

60 Days No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and order the videos today and watch them in the comfort of your own home.

See just how effective The Blueprint Decoded is at inflicting pain, ending fights fast, and defending against unexpected attacks.

Then, if you’re not totally thrilled with your new fighting skills, I demand that you let me know within 60 days so I can give you a full refund, no questions asked.

All you have to do is contact our customer support and I’ll issue you a prompt refund, no hassles, no worries, and we’ll still remain friends.

That’s the way I would like to be treated and that’s why I’m putting this guarantee on the table.


Here’s your chance to acquire the skills and the knowledge and everything you need to be a martial arts fight master, it doesn’t matter if you’ve only just started or you’ve been training years, there is stuff on here you’ve never seen before and its going to blow you away!.

This program is the only one of its kind and you can grab your copy today.

Volume 1-2-3-4

Receive Three Bonus Gifts FREE

Pressure Point Fighting Video
Sun Tzu – The Art of War
*Iron Shirt Kung Fu Training Video

Select your preferred currency

£75 plus shipping

$125.00 plus shipping






You’re about to get your hands on video instruction given by one of the world’s most accomplished and respected Martial Arts Masters.

It would cost an awful allot of money and time to go out and find the best fighting methods, years and years infact.

And the cost of the program is about the same as it costs to train at an average martial arts school for a month – never mind the worlds best training!.

Plus – when you get your hands on “The Blueprint Decoded” you’ll notice it’s filmed in high quality video, you can even see the beads of sweat gathering on Bob’s forehead as he works to show you his fighting techniques.

Believe me, if I had “The Blueprint Decoded” many years ago, I would’ve saved myself years of frustration trying to figure out fighting tactics that ACTUALLY WORKED.

I would have short-cut my learning curve in the Dojo and, on the streets, and propelled myself to new heights of skills and ability as a martial artist.

And that feeling is priceless.

I’m ready to take action and gain unprecedented access to the best of the best fighting methods
the world has to offer for just $125.00 plus shipping




Lee Mainprize

P.S. “The Blueprint Decoded” will allow you to  – own the best fighting skills on the planet and Unlock your unlimited potential as a martial artist.

Remember you will not find all the skills taught on this program anywhere else.

This is your chance to take a giant leap forwards and I don’t want you to miss out on that!

The great thing Bob does is teach in a way that makes it easy to follow – you’ll be learning the best of the best – Bob spent 20 years cutting away the fat and now he’s giving you only the juicy tender stuff!

Take action today and order your copy of the incredible “Blueprint Decoded”
for just £75.00 plus shipping

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