Bob Sykes V Derek Jones – The Wing Chun Wars

//Bob Sykes V Derek Jones – The Wing Chun Wars

Bob Sykes V Derek Jones – The Wing Chun Wars

Let me tell you about the time Bob Sykes (editor of Martial Arts Illustrated) issued a challenge to 4 of the best Wing Chun Masters in the UK to a match – Master Derek Jones was the only one who took up the challenge, the saga was labeled the “Wing Chun Wars”

It was in the eighties and a time when the media where fixated on martial arts teachers being openly challenged and in some cases, attacked and beaten by representatives of opposing groups.

The bare knuckle fight took place in Huddersfield on top of a remote hill.

It was a fight between North and South and both had brought some heavy trusted back up in case things got ugly.

Derek came out of know where and began attacking Bob with straight punches… it was on!

It went from clinch to the ground and back to feet.

Bob let two successful thai style shin kicks go, both found their target, he followed it up with a well timed back kick which thundered into Dereks mid section.

Dereks fingers gouged Bobs eye and his straight blast of punches fractured his cheek bone.

Bob could now see 3 of Derek as he did he threw a right hand which connected and Derek fell to the ground, looking like he had no fight left.

Bob remembers 2 Londoners reaching inside their jackets at this point –  “get the guns out the car” someone shouted with a northern accent.

There where no guns but the bluff paid off and the south backed off.

Bob pulled Derek to his feet and proclaimed the fight a draw!

Sadly Derek is longer with us but Bob who became good friends with Derek after the fight has no hesitation in telling me Derek was a “true warrior”

I could listen to Master Sykes recounting stories like these all day, he’s a very interesting and charismatic character guy who has lived a colourful life, he’s the real deal for sure.


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