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New Boxing Training Reveals The Secrets To Bullet Proof Self Defense…

“Legendary Fighter Reveals The Street Boxing Secrets  That Pummel, Destroy And Knockout Any Attacker Or Opponent Who’s Foolish Enough To Go Toe To Toe With You! 



martial arts illustratedFrom the Desk of Lee Mainprize

Dear Friend,

If you would like to discover how to load any strike you throw with the EXPLOSIVE POWER of a sawed-off shotgun…

EVADE your opponents with the grace of Muhammad Ali’s footwork…

And BUILD a fortress-like defense with your arms that is impenetrable by anyone no matter how big they are…

Then I promise by the end of this potentially life-saving message you will know exactly what to do to fight like a champion, WIN by knock-out, and never take sh*t from anyone ever again.

Hi, my name is Lee Mainprize, and I’ve been in the martial arts scene for more than 20 years, traveling the world, training with some of the most effective and vicious fighters in the world.

In fact, I’ve met many of the greatest living fighters in Europe. And one who stands out head and shoulders from all the rest is Lance Lewis — one of the greatest fighters of all time.

I’ll tell you more about Lance (and why you should pay attention to him) in just a minute. But first, let me tell you about…

What All Great Fighters
Have in Common

Have you watched any MMA cage fights lately?

It’s always fascinating to see how each fight ends.

Occasionally, you’ll have a fight go all three rounds and the judges will have to declare a winner based on how well each competitor fought. This is a minority of fights.

More often, the fights end in the first or second round due to:

• Knockout
• Choke out
• Tap out

Here’s what I’ve observed…

Choke outs rarely happen. A good choke hold is especially hard to get in an MMA fight simply because both fighters are so experienced.

boxing for the street Even if one fighter does get a choke hold on the other person, the losing fighter usually taps out before he passes out.

Tap outs are a little more common than choke outs.

Tap outs usually happen when one fighter gets some kind of arm bar or arm lock that threatens to snap the other guy’s arm in two. Most fighters will tap out before they allow that kind of damage to be inflicted on them.

And knockouts…

Knockouts are by far the most common way fights end in the cage.

I’ve seen plenty of fights end without even going to the ground. The guy with better boxing skills simply wears his opponent down before landing a fight-ending punch to the jaw or temple.

I’ve seen even MORE fights end on the ground, with one guy on top beating the other guy’s head in like a piñata.

In a recent MMA fight, I watched in shock as the winner knocked out his opponent with a single punch. Then, as the man fell to the canvas, his opponent leaped on top of him, landing THREE MORE devastating head shots before the referee could stop him.

The man was out cold, eyes rolled back, and with each of the three successive punches, his head bounced off the canvas like a bobble-head doll.

And THAT is a perfect illustration of the raw power of tightly honed boxing skills.

FACT: The Very Best MMA Fighters
Are Wicked-Good Boxers

The fact is, an increasing number of the highest ranked MMA fighters are pursuing boxing as a core skill in their “quiver” of fighting skills.

The reason they’re focusing so much attention on boxing is simple:

Boxers hit harder.

Boxers hit more accurately.

Boxers end more fights with knockouts.

Boxing is effective. More importantly, boxing for the street is relatively simple compared to other forms of martial arts.

Imagine being in the ring with a ripped opponent. He’s got tattoos covering his arms, shoulder muscles rippling. He’s a mean dude… and he’s intent on taking you to the floor and pummeling you to a pulp.

street boxingIn that situation, you don’t have time to think about dozens of possible moves. You can’t be debating about whether to punch or kick, go for a takedown or start grappling.

You’re in “reaction mode.”

You’re in the moment — attacking — defending — doing whatever the moment calls for so that you maintain your dominance in the fight.

And it’s in just such a situation that you want to have mastered a few simple, yet effective moves to help you win.

Because it’s not the number of moves you know that counts — it’s how well you’ve mastered a small number of moves — so you can execute them in the blink of an eye, without thinking.

Which makes boxing a “must have” skill for any fighter who wants to win (and win repeatedly).

Boxing is a discipline that stands on its own. Even better, it enhances all other fighting styles. It’ll help you hit harder, land more punches, evade attacks, and defend against the most aggressive attackers. And get this…

Elite Boxers Have a Clear
Defensive Advantage

Another HUGE benefit of boxing is that strengthens your core muscles faster than any other martial art.

Have you seen world-class boxers?

• They’ve got abs of steel.
• Their chest muscles and shoulders bulge even when they’re not flexing.
• Their triceps are loaded with explosive punching power.

Naturally, this gives boxers an offensive advantage in the form of powerful punches.

But it ALSO gives them a clear DEFENSIVE advantage because they can take multiple blows to their bodies — and their core muscles simply absorb the blows.

When other fighters crumple from the impact, boxers stay on their feet and return fire.

The bottom line: Boxing is a vital skill for winning fights — whether they happen on the streets or in the ring.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to…

Lance Lewis, Boxing Legend
& World Kickboxing Champion

What you’re looking at is a picture of Lance Lewis, who was at one time the best boxer in all of Great Britain, and the best kick boxer in the world.

He’s the guy you’ll be learning your boxing skills from so that you can make quick work of attackers anytime, anywhere.

The special thing about Lance is that he’s done what very few fighters anywhere in the world has ever done.

He won a championship as a teenager fighting ADULTS almost twice his age and twice his size!

The only other fighter I know in the world who has accomplished the same feat is Mike Tyson.

And I believe Lance got to this elite level of boxing for two reasons: 1) His raw talent and 2) because he drilled day and night at the world-famous Kronk Gym.

A World Famous Kronk Gym Fighter

Only 1 breed of fighter gets into Kronk Gym; the toughest, meanest and most stone-cold disciplined fighter.

If you can’t take the heat, you pack your bags and leave with your head hanging in shame.

Lance didn’t quit. Lance didn’t leave.

In fact, Lance Lewis was the first fighter outside the United States of America to get accepted into this exclusive clique of fighters, which included the world’s best boxers.

Most of whom, including Lance, trained under one man, Emmanuel Steward – the same man who trained more than 30 world boxing champions including Lennox Lewis, Thomas Hearns, and Oscar De la Hoya.

Emmanuel Steward was such a phenomenal trainer that he was able to jump-start Lance’s fighting career from the very beginning…

British Kickboxing Champion
At 16 Years Old

Lance began his fighting career before he was able to drive. While other kids were riding bikes and doing stuff that teenagers do, Lance was training to become a professional fighter.

Lance was so unusually talented and driven that he became the British Kickboxing Champion when he was just 16 years old.

Then, while still in his teens, Lance went on to defeat the legendary Scottish World Boxing Champion Ken Buchanan in boxing.

Let me say that again… Lance defeated the World Boxing Champion while he was still a teenager!

What’s more, Lance went on to become the World Kickboxing Champion — #1 in the world (not just Britain).

Which is why when I wanted to put a video set together detailing the very best boxing for the street secrets, it was mandatory for me to get Lance Lewis onboard.

Together with a team of filmmakers I’ve managed to persuade him to produce a 3-volume video set detailing his finest street boxing secrets. I’m talking about the stuff most people will never come close to getting access to.


“At 16 Lance was the British Kickboxing Champion and a professional boxer. He would go on to win a World Kickboxing title, but was later on curtailed by an eye problem just as he was labeled the best lightweight boxer in Britain. Somehow Lance managed to keep his academic studies on track and not content with a degree went on to get a Ph.D. I could never get up at five o’clock on a cold Manchester morning, run six miles and then go to school, I never had the willpower, but Lance did. And what a fighter he is too, without a doubt one of the best fighters this country has ever produced with a work ethic to match.”

Brian Seabright, Chairman, British Karate Association


It Wasn’t Easy To Get Lance On Video

It wasn’t easy to get Lance to give up his time, he’s a very busy guy with many people chasing after him for his attention.

You see Lance has his own stable of clients who pay good money to learn elite self-defense and fighting techniques directly from him.

He’s also about to introduce proper self-defense methods to students all over Britain, equipping the younger generation with tools that will help them stand up to bullies and avoid being beaten up by bigger sized bad guys.

It was only after much persuasion that Lance finally agreed to spend time to reveal his secrets on video and share them with you.

That’s why I’m very proud that when all was said and done I could finally bring to you the end result…


Introducing “LETHAL FISTS”:
Street Boxing Master Class

In this 3-volume video series, Lance will teach you the fundamentals of boxing. But it won’t end there…

Lance is going to teach you “Street Boxing” — the kind of “dirty” moves that would get you banned in the cage — but will help you win fights fast on the street.

These “Dirty Street Boxing” fighting techniques are only known to a handful of elite level fighters.

Now, you’ll be part of this elite group — because you’ll be armed with fighting techniques that very few people have. Finally, you’ll be able to…

Defend yourself and your loved ones from thugs and lowlifes prowling the cold streets

Master street boxing moves that end fights in mere minutes — often with devastating knock outs!

Hurt your opponents so badly they lose their will to fight back

Counter-attack sophisticated fighters and make them pay for “trying” you

Pummel your opponents mercilessly within the first few minutes of fighting (and look like a champion prize fighter while you do it)

Boost your confidence sky-high, knowing you can handle any hoodlum who dares cross your path (you’ll feel and walk like a new, strong and self-assured man)

This is a 3-volume DVD set.

Which means you could be absorbing crucial life-saving moves in just a few minutes after reading this message.

But let me give you a more detailed view of what’s in these videos:

Lethal Fists: Volume 1

The infamous “50-50” stance used by expert boxers in almost all professional fights

Footwork drills that make your movements smooth and graceful — and let you easily outmaneuver your opponent

The secret reason why you should NEVER flatten your foot when you move around in a fight

How you can practice with a friend to develop footwork that will exhaust attackers and opponents into giving up and saving you from throwing a single punch

An unusual way of using a punching bag to transform you into a better fighter (*HINT* you won’t be punching it!)

The FOUR types of punches used to win fights quickly (master these four punches and you’ll be deadly in a fight)

A sneaky way to make a deep gash on your opponent’s face (surprisingly, this move is legal even in the boxing ring)

How to train your jab so it lands EVERY TIME and hurts your opponent badly

The exact step-by-step process of throwing one of the most powerful KNOCK OUT punches in boxing history (it ends fights with your opponents on the floor in excruciating pain)

The secret to throwing a hook punch with the force of a howitzer-cannon

The easiest 3-punch combination that drops your opponent to the floor like a sack of potatoes

A crazy “Hoola Hoop” technique for increasing your punching power

Lethal Fists: Volume 2

3 boxing drills that add speed to your movements… including one that saves your head from getting knocked off your neck!

How to devastate your opponent with an amazingly simple 2-punch combination

How to use your head to weaken your opponent, keep him off balance, or even knock him out cold!

How to “trap” your attacker and force him to “bleed” massive amounts of energy trying to get free

How to frustrate, agitate, or injure your opponent by thrusting your knee into his ribs

How to cut down your opponent with vicious elbow strikes that he never sees coming!

Win your opponent’s BACK. This move keeps you safe from being hit and psychologically breaks down the other guy, making him weaker and submissive

How to use a slight twist in an illegal headlock to knock the will to fight out of your opponent

A nasty way to grind your opponent’s ribs with your elbow — inflicting continuous pain and frustration!

A “Jedi” mind trick that helps you gain an unfair advantage against your opponent


Lethal Fists: Volume 3

6 punch combinations you can use in any fight, against any aggressor, in the ring or on the streets — including an advanced combination that guarantees to knock the wind out of the other guy FAST

How to evade punches from your attacker while pummeling him with painful hooks to his head and body

How to effectively neutralize a jab from your opponent

A winning strategy when you go up against a fighter who knows how to COUNTER your punches

How to fight and win against a left-handed fighter (it’s actually easy… if you know what to do)

How to trick your opponent into letting his guard down so you can go in for the kill

Fight-ending traps! How to “trap” your opponent in an indefensible position so you can beat him senseless (this is sneaky, but it works like gangbusters)

I’ve Thrown In Some GREAT


Bonus #1: Mindset of a Champion

(Video)  Value $37

I recently had Bob Sykes sit down with Lance for an informal Q&A session where Lance was forced to spill the beans on how he got so good, so fast, so young.

It’s one thing to learn powerful street boxing moves from an expert fighter… it’s a whole other thing to sit in front of him and learn how he thinks in a fight… and discover what makes him tick.

And that’s what you’ll get; you’ll get to peek inside Lance’s mindset and discover how he got to be the fighter he is today.  Everything is laid bare from his fighting strategies and skills he developed to precision effectiveness in the ring and more like:


The truth about BIG fancy kicks when facing an opponent/attacker

Lance’s secret to winning fights against adults that were almost twice his size

The people that inspired Lance to become a top notch fighter

Plus, priceless advice for fighters who want to take it to the next level

This interview gives you a deeper, advanced level of understanding about fighting that most people will never have.

Bonus #2: Boxing Fundamentals

(Instantly downloadable pdf)  Value $27

John J Walsh was one of the most successful college and Golden Gloves boxers the sport has everknown.  This great book sets forth clearly and concisely the principles of successful boxing just as he has imparted them for years to boxing classes, members of his fabulously successful Wisconsin team, and United States Olympic Team boxers whom he has coached.

Everything expounded by John is based on long-proven fact.  This book will prove a tremendous aid to boxers and coaches alike.   Included is a wealth of great info including….How to condition your body to that of a highly conditioned fighter, how to set up your own training regime for maximum results, a vast amount of boxing and fighting tips and strategies and more!.


Bonus #3: How To Become An Ace Fighting Athlete


(Instantly downloadable pdf)  Value $27Top Secrets on How You Can Possess the Exceptional Physique and Abilities Needed to Excel As A Top Fighter, and be the Fighter of Your Dreams!

Do you really want to settle with just being another ordinary fighter?
You can create your own dream life as a world-class Fighter?How would you feel if you have numerous fans admiring and idolizing you because of your fighting prowess?Sounds flattering, isn’t it? Well, I have exciting news for you! With the right attitude and training, you can become BETTER than your own favourite fighter and that’s exactly the info you’ll receive from this book.

Who Is “Lethal Fists” For?


“Lethal Fists” is for anybody who would like to:

Hit harder — put more power in your punches and strikes.

Land more punches — hit more accurately and land more direct hits.

Learn the dirty street fight moves – that end fights fast.

Develop rock-hard core strength — for a clear defensive advantage.

Get ripped — so you can feel good with your shirt off.

Enhance your favorite fighting style — so you’ll be a better all-around fighter.

What’s more, “Lethal Fists” is for anyone who want to feel confident in their ability to defend themselves against thugs and any other low life predators.


Lance became a kickboxing champion at age 16. And he reveals his best fist-fighting secrets so you’ll have a distinct advantage in ANY physical confrontation.

Are You an Action Taker?

Whether you know it or not, all of society is broken up into 2 groups of people.

Non-action takers who let life bring them on a roller coaster ride without much or any control…

And action takers who rule their own destiny, achieve their dreams and get what they deserve.

Non-action takers make up about 80% of the population.

Action takers make up the rest, 20%.

Here’s why I mention this…

You now know that there’s a way to completely create a fortress of defense and counter attack any brute with your bare hands.

You now know the exact resource that’s going to show you everything you need to know about fighting with your hands — the “Lethal Fists” 3 volume DVD set.

You now know that there’s a way to protect yourself and your loved ones and flatten attackers in seconds.

Which means you now have a responsibility to yourself and the people who love you.

It takes confidence to stand up for yourself and skills to bring down an attacker or opponent.

These videos will give you that.

Will you join the 20% of the world’s population and TAKE ACTION? or will you join the 80% who slouch around and do nothing?

Heck! I’m even going to make it easy for you and stick my neck out by allowing you to…

Try These DVDs Risk Free

90 Days No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and order the videos today and watch them in the comfort of your own home.

See just how effective Lance’s Dirty Street Boxing techniques are at inflicting pain, ending fights fast, and defending against unexpected attacks.

Then, if you’re not totally thrilled with your new fighting skills, I demand that you let me know within 90 days so I can give you a full refund, no questions asked.

All you have to do is contact our customer support and I’ll issue you a prompt refund, no hassles, no worries, and we’ll still remain friends.

That’s the way I would like to be treated and that’s why I’m putting this guarantee on the table.

A Fraction of What It Would Cost
to Hire Lance Directly!


I’m sure you’re thinking about how much these devastatingly effective boxing for the street skills are going to cost you.

And the fact of the matter is that you’re about to get your hands on video instruction given by one of the world’s most accomplished and respected boxers.

If you were to get private instruction from him, it would cost you at least $700.00 for the full effect of these fighting skills to be felt.

Get a lesser known, less-accomplished fighter to coach you, and you’re looking at putting down at least $200.00

Lethal Fists is not even half that.

Plus – when you get your hands on “Lethal Fists Dirty Street Boxing Master Class” you’ll notice it’s filmed in high quality video, you can even see the beads of sweat gathering on Lance’s forehead as he works to show you his fighting techniques.


That means you can forward or rewind to any part you want to pay particular attention to, you’re in control 100% of the time.

So how much for a set of videos from one of the world’s most highly sought-after champions?

Only a mere $77, that’s less than the average membership to a good martial arts club and about 1/10th

the price of getting Lance to personally teach you how to fight.

YES! I Want Access to the “Lethal Fists – Street Boxing Master Class” So I Can Add Boxing to My Arsenal of Fighting Skills

I realize that by investing in “Lethal Fists – Street Boxing Master Class” right now I’ll become part of an elite group of smart people with unfettered access to Lance’s powerful Dirty Boxing techniques – secrets that could turn me into an INCREDIBLE force against anyone, anytime!

I understand that once I absorb and apply the potent methods inside this comprehensive video course, I’ll have the power to defend myself against even the best of fighters.

I understand that my DVDs will be shipped out immediately upon receipt of my successful payment so that I can get started as soon as possible.

That means I’ll get:

  • The 3 “Lethal Fists – Street Boxing Master Class” DVD Volumes
  • Bonus: Mindset of a Champion Video
  • Bonus: Boxing Fundamental Manual
  • Bonus: How To Become An Ace Fighting Athlete Book

And I know full well that there’s absolutely no risk when I take up this offer as I will be backed by a rock-solid 90 day money back guarantee.

On that basis I’m ready to make my investment of just $77.00.

Believe me, if I had “Lethal Fists” when I first started, I would’ve saved myself years of frustration trying to figure out fighting tactics that ACTUALLY WORKED.

I would have short-cut my learning curve and, on the streets, as a teen and young adult I would have been much more confident.

And that feeling is priceless.




P.S “Lethal Fists” will allow you to finally make your attackers PAY in every possible way – it’s in your hands to humiliate them, pummel them to the ground, beat them senseless or shove them away with a stern warning.You can finally keep your dignity intact and never be pushed around by any one.

Even if you’ve never been in a physical fight with anyone in your life.

You don’t need any special skills, you don’t have to be a genius, and you don’t need to be a ranked pro fighter.

If you have hands and feet that can move, then you have everything you need to put Lance’s Street Boxing techniques to work.

Click Here To Secure Your Copy of “Lethal Fists”

P.P.S Boxing is also one of the most effective ways to get ripped. Just look at the boxer and kick boxers as they enter the ring. They’ve got abs most guys would kill for.

Once you begin applying Lance’s Street Boxing methods, you’ll not only develop confidence and cutting edge fighting skills… you’ll develop a rock-hard physique, too!

Click the link below now to get your Street Boxing DVDs (and get ripped)…

Click Here To Secure Your Copy of “Lethal Fists”

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