Punching Bag Workout

Punching Bag Workout

I have recently returned from a great holiday in Greece.

It’s pretty nice getting the attention around the pool for being in great shape (one of the perks!)

If you want to get in great shape and look lean and athletic like a boxer  then let me show you how I do it with my punching bag workout.

Firstly, you will get greater results working out first thing in the morning because;

1. You start burning fat right away, training later in the day and you may need

to train for 20 minutes before you even start burning fat!

2. Your metabolism will speed up for the whole day, again helping your body

burn fat more efficiently.

I take two protein shakes a day for recovery and muscle growth, one first thing

in the morning and one after my workout. You also want to ensure you have

protein with every meal. You will not get that physique without doing this, it’s

a fact.

I only eat enough carbs that fit into my palm per meal and fill up on vegetables

and protein, which ensures you don’t store fat. Eating smaller meals every 3

hours will again make a massive difference to your body fat content.

Also drink two glasses of water per meal and regularly during the day, this

keeps your mind sharp and also reduces the need to snack!

Incorporate resistance or weight training into your schedule, it will help

increase your martial arts skills. Once or twice per week will do it.

If you want to build your fitness quickly and get lean, I recommend doing a

punching bag workout  for the first 10 weeks of your training.

I recommend doing this 3 times per week; it takes around 20 minutes to

complete each punching bag workout.

After a couple of months, and when you get to where you want to be weight

wise, fitness wise then just drop this down to 1‐2 per week and replace with more technical boxing training routine.

Here’s my punching bag workout circuit.

I work 8 stations – moving straight to the next exercise.

I do 20‐30 reps per exercise and 60 seconds on the bag – do not stop until you complete one set of all the exercises, then I rest for 1 minute and do the next round.

I do 4‐5 full rounds of this circuit, at the end I am dripping and my heart rate is right up there!

If you’re not that fit just work to your maximum start with 10 reps per exercise

and build up from their

Punching Bag Workout

1. Work your boxing Jabs and crosses on the punching bag

Round 1

  • Left Jab single
  • Left Jab double
  • Left Jab right cross

Round 2

  • Right Jab single
  • Right Jab double
  • Right Jab left cross

Round 3

  • Right cross single
  • Right Cross double
  • Right Cross left jab

Round 4

  • Left cross single
  • Left Cross double
  • Left Cross right jab

2. Squats (raise a medicine ball above your head as you come up to increase difficulty)

3. Sit ups using exercise ball (add medicine ball to increase difficulty)

4. Leg Lunges (raise a medicine ball above your head to increase difficulty)

5. Alternate Boxing hooks and uppercuts on the punching bag ‐ 60 secs

Round 1

  • Left Hook single
  • Left Hook double
  • Left hook right hook

Round 2

  • Right Hook single
  • Right hook double
  • Right Hook left hook

Round 3

  • Left uppercut single
  • Left uppercut double
  • Left uppercut right uppercut

Round 4

  • Right uppercut single
  • Right uppercut double
  • Right uppercut left uppercut

6. Oblique sit up twists using a medicine ball.

7. Punching Combinations (taken from lethal fists training program ‐ 60 seconds each round)

Round 1

Left jab

Left jab – right cross

Left jab – right cross – left hook

Left jab – right cross – left hook – right uppercut

Round 2

Right jab

Right jab – left cross

Right  jab – left cross – right hook

Right jab – Left cross – right hook – left uppercut

Repeat Round 1

Repeat Round 2

8. Push ups or plank

You can mix the exercise and combinations to keep your punching bag workout fresh!

It’s important for me to feel strong, fit, and confident and have lots of energy to achieve my goals. That’s why I train in boxing and cross train to do this.

I hope you like the short insight of how I get into great shape; remember the

key is action to get started to becoming a better you.

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