How To Train Like A Pro

//How To Train Like A Pro

How To Train Like A Pro

Having trained at hundreds of martial arts schools the biggest crime MANY commit is spending way too much time drilling and practicing technique and not enough time to make it work.

You see it all the time – students that have decent technique but can’t get anywhere near their opponent in the real game.

They are too slow, too far away or telegraph the technique.

The good news is these can all be corrected with the right training.

This often happens particularly with styles that don’t have sporting element or sparring practice.

Here’s a coaching model that works and ensures you practice all your skills to work for real and you’ll develop the awareness to know they you are training correctly

The coaching model is the 3 I’s…

  • Introduction – you introduce the technique or skill.
  • Isolation – you quickly move to isolate the skill…training with motion, distance and timing.
  • Integration –  then you slowly begin integrating several skills into the training to commit to the sub conscious.

An example of this:

You practice a jab or front punch.

You introduce the skill for 2 minutes and cover the basic fundamentals and practice this.

You then move quickly to Isolation Phase where you work with a partner..lets say on a focus pad where you can train the distance, timing and motion elements.

The concept being a tennis player doesn’t stand in front of a mirror swinging his racket….he quickly starts hitting balls.

Learning to move and time the technique and quickly develop the skills to work in the real game.

In the integration phase we can start introducing parrying, head movement and counters to slowly build on the skills your developing.

This little gem of a coaching system guided me to ensure everything being trained was trained to make it work “the truth” my students deserved this and I wanted to give them the best experience and skills.

It works and I created my whole Martial Arts Training System around this coaching model.

Which ensures you will be in the minority of martial artists by being able to walk the walk!


The Martial Arts Training System

This lethal combination of mixed martial arts is second to none, It doesn’t matter if you’re fit or out of shape…or whether you’ve had martial arts training before or not – this training can take you to the next level and it can to it fast!

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