Martial Arts Reality Based Training

//Martial Arts Reality Based Training

Martial Arts Reality Based Training

There are many different aspects when it comes to martial arts.

Some people may focus strictly on throwing, striking and other components, it is important to absorb every aspect though in order to learn and excel.

There is a total of six different phases for you to learn and properly defend yourself.

They are listed below:

The initial phase will happen way before the actual attack.

Before a bad occurrence, possibly years before, you should be fully aware of the different legalities behind self defense.

One must assess the situation and properly calculate how much force can and should be used, when to use this and also when to stop.

In this particular phase it is important to focus on not only moral issues but ethical ones as well.

If you are not allowed to shoot another human being, this is a necessity to know!

The next phase also occurs before the initial assault.

In this phase, one will learn how to avoid and help prevent any attacks in the future.

Knowing the surrounding terrain is also an important factor because it will keep you more keen and aware.

It is highly recommended to understand predators, how they work and function and well as the different dynamics of violence.

Phase three is called operant conditioning.

This involves training in smaller groups that are vulnerable and can be attacked easily. |

The purpose of this is to learn about reflexes and improve your speed.

Knowing this and being properly trained for this is important because it can really mess up a predators initial plan which in turn, can save your life!

Phase four is learning how to break a freeze.

A freeze is something that occurs when you are attacked unexpectedly.

If you are just attacked with no prior warning, a natural reaction is freezing.

This phase teaches you how to cope with this and take action, quickly.

Phase five incorporates everything that you have learned in your martial arts training.

The fifth phase is the actual fight! Do not ever skip any phases because they are all equally as important.

Over time some people may go lax and start skipping phases but every phase is critical to the success of your training.

During phase six comes the consequences and aftermath of the fight/attack.

Someone may be severely hurt, crippled, or even die or there may be some legal repercussions.

It is not uncommon for one to question their actions and wonder if what they did was right or wrong.

Learn the phases and go through the motions so you are properly prepared for what’s to come.

It doesn’t hurt to come up with scenarios and practice out what may occur.

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