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Take advantage of 25 years of trial and error Lee went through to learn how to become a world class martial artist, fighter and coach. Check out his full program catalogue, jam packed with new ideas and techniques that deliver results fast. These programs are the best on the planet for getting you the success you want.

NB: All our DVDs are region free so they play in any country.

The Martial Arts Training System

This lethal combination of mixed martial arts is second to none, It doesn’t matter if you’re fit or out of shape…or whether you’ve had martial arts training before or not – this training can take you to the next level and it can to it fast!

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Lethal Fists

Boxers are the best when it comes to having the deadliest hands, they hit harder and score more knockouts than any other fighting art.  That’s why I got legendary Fighter Lance Lewis to share his best fist fighting secrets so you can make fast work of defeating any opponent.

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The Blueprint Decoded

Gain access to the worlds best fighting methods from a man who has had unprecedented access to the worlds best fighting systems for 30 years and now he reveals the best of the best so you can fast track your skills to real fight mastery.

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street fighting book

Rapid Street Defence

Real self defence for the streets not the dojo! – Learn The Most Devastatingly Effective Street Fight Moves That End Fights In Your Favour…Every Single Time.

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Equalizing Force

If you’re under 6-feet tall… or you’re slender and struggle to put on weight... and you’d like to know how to fight someone bigger than you or better how to physically punish over-sized bullies… then this may be the most important info you’ve ever read…

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"The information obtained from “Martial Arts Training System” was phenomenal. The quality of the video as well as the content was professionally done. The instruction was clear and demonstrated perfectly. The skills I have learned from this system has enhanced my Striking/ Grappling/ and Ground fighting abilities"

Michael Trester
Law Enforcement Officer

"My speed has improved and by following your suggestions, my power has definitely increased”. Thank you also for the many tips you have sent since I got your program, they have been very useful"

Gary Dennis, Manchester

“It’s clear that you not only know what you’re talking about but more importantly that you care about your students too. Nobody else comes close to providing such a complete package. Now if only you could come and teach my classes too…”

Richard Olpin, IIyokwan Black Belt Academy

"When I came across the I thought I’d give it a go so I bought the Martial Arts Training System. This proved an excellent move – it’s like having your own personal trainer at home! Everything is carefully explained step by step. It has definitely made my weekly classes more fun and I’m now improving much faster!

Anja Newberg, Sweden

"This stuff is not taught in the dojo but it should. One may train several years but still may not no how to defuse a situation. All the fancy kicking and back fist quick point techniques isn't going to save you out there. Like one old wise owl said, "you got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them" The audio version of the videos are invaluable. I listen to them on my IPhone through out the day reinforcing the information subliminally. Thanks for recommending Rapid Street Defense"

Russell Grogan, United States

“Since learning your curriculum I have changed the way I teach, I have enhanced the feel good facture for all students and instructors. Your teaching methods have inspired me and opened doors that were there but I could not see them before.”"I recently taught a night stick course using techniques from your weapons modules, my students loved them.”

Garry Phillips, Shogun World Martial Arts Association