Quality V Quantity

//Quality V Quantity

Quality V Quantity

Before we start learning any martial arts techniques I would like to cover some training concepts.

This is quality versus quantity, when you practice it’s much more important to focus on the quality of your martial arts training rather than the quantity.

In other words it’s better to train for 20 minutes with intensity than it is to train for 1 hour at 50% effort.

For example professional golfers were hitting around 500 balls a day and becoming more injury prone.

Experts analyzed their practice and found that they would be much better hitting 100 balls with absolute focus and intensity.

So instead of doing 500 kicks focus on 100, so that you are putting maximum effort in and your paying attention to your technique and not just getting to the end of your repetitions.

So think quality instead of quality because less can really be more.

If you think of rating your effort on a scale on 1 to 10 (ten being your hardest) you start out warming up at level 5 a comfortable work rate, you then want to ensure during each workout you achieve level 8, 9 and 10’s during some of your rounds.

Doing 3-4 x 2 minute rounds in both stances is a great workout – remember by training to timed rounds gets you to focus completly on your training rather than just doing x amount of reps plus your stamina will really increase too!


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