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Real Life Case Studies…

“It’s clear that you not only know what you’re talking about but more importantly that you care about your students too. Nobody else comes close to providing such a complete package. Now if only you could come and teach my classes too…”

Richard Olpin
IIyokwan Black Belt Academy

“Since learning your curriculum I have changed the way I teach, I have enhanced the feel good facture for all students and instructors. Your teaching methods have inspired me and opened doors that were there but I could not see them before.””I recently taught a night stick course using techniques from your weapons modules, my students loved them.”

Garry Phillips
Shogun World Martial Arts Association

I recently joined a mixed-level full contact karate club, and quite a few people in the group have black belts. It’s a really friendly group but being the latest addition to the class, I couldn’t help feeling silly – especially during the sparring sessions. Sometimes I tried to practice on my own in between classes, but most of the time I managed to forget the exact moves we’ve been doing, so it didn’t help. When I came across the training videos I thought I’d give it a go so I bought the home study program. This proved an excellent move – it’s like having your own personal trainer at home! Everything is carefully explained step by step.  It has definitely made my weekly classes more fun and I’m now improving much faster!

Anja Newberg

“Keep up the great work video curriculum is excellent”

Nick Pamment
Taishindo Martial Arts Academy

“The information and materials provided is definitly heads and shoulders above every other organisation. After only three days of using your teaching material I see a new passion in my students. Lee Mainprize provides you with specific methods to use, not just empty theories”

Juan Jimenez
Born 2 Win Martial Arts

“While setting up Shim Jang Taekwondo I wanted to make sure that everything would run as smooth as possible, that’s when i found your program, with your help, I was able to design a curriculum that would more effective to teach and at the same time offered students the best possible chance of succeeding. I was safe in the knowledge that what was being demonstrated would work.”

Steve TempestShim
Jang Taekwondo

Lee sorry for not emailing your sooner! I must say your programs are awesome not only they are great value when you think about how much stuff you get, but you strike a good balance of teaching between making it interesting and informative.

Rich Fenner

I came across your website and decided to see what you had to offer so I purchased your home study course. I was quite surprised because your videos are very interesting and informative and break down the basics in such a way that they are very easy to understand. I have also used your programme in my training programme and have found that my technical abilities have improved quite a lot and I have much more confidence. I train twice a week at my club and every day in my own small training studio. Your videos give me something to follow and they are the perfect length to fit into my “timed” sessions. I feel that my speed has improved and by following your suggestions, my power has definitely increased”. Thank you also for the many tips you have sent since I got your program, they have been very useful.Richard Fenner

Gary Dennis

“A great program with excellent clear instruction, I like the way you break everything down and cover stuff in great detail; it has made my progression much easier. I am striking with much more power now thanks a lot!”

Glen Maull

“Lee you’re a real inspiration to me, I am training hard and really aim to be as good as you one day. My goal is to become an instructor. I am much fitter and more self confident too. Thank you for your teaching and motivation”

Neil Horsman

“Lee since investing in your martial arts programs I have saved myself an incredible amount of time trying to devise a new curriculum to keep my classes fresh and exciting.”

Chris Jones
Knaresborough Martial Arts

“There has been a dramatic change in the energy of the classes and excitement with the students.thank you”

Dr. Martin A. D’Arce
“New teaching concepts and fresh cutting edge ideas keep flowing. Keep up the good work!”

Chris Beaumont
U.D.F. Martial Arts Academy

“I started teaching shotokan part time in 1969 turned pro with a fulltime dojo in 1980. Teamed up with you recently and think you are the best”

Jim Fraser
Ancrum Karate

Master Mainprize is a fantastic instructor and I had the pleasure of being one of his students for many years, he gave me the passion and love for martial arts that I have today and for that I am eternally grateful…I reached my goal of black belt at the age of 39 and I’m a busy mum of two children..go for it I did and I have never looked back ..

Gillian Hartley

The Beginner’s DVD series is professional and well done.  You have designed a curriculum that is practical, fun, and easy to learn, the instruction provided is superb.

Thank you,

Joe F.

The information obtained from “Ultimate Martial Arts” was phenomenal.  The quality of the video as well as the content was professionally done.  The instruction was clear and demonstrated perfectly.  The skills I have learned from this system has enhanced my Striking/ Grappling/ and Ground fighting abilities. .

Michael Trester
Law Enforcement Officer

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