The Foundation Of Any Great Martial Artist

//The Foundation Of Any Great Martial Artist

The Foundation Of Any Great Martial Artist

When it comes to martial arts, the way you stand is very important to how you will be able to move and protect your vital organs.

There are many different factors to remember when trying to improve your stance.

This starts from the way that your chin is positioned, to how you bend your knees, also how you may position your feet and so forth.

All of those factors are equally as important when it comes to the proper stance in martial arts.

Here are a few pointers that are just good to know but should be remembered if you are trying to improve your stance:

Feet: Just with most structures, everything need a good foundation to function properly.

This holds true for a martial artist as well. Good foot positioning will allow free movement and make punch delivery flow more smoothly.

Remember to stay light and smooth on your feet, never cross them!

Knees: Locked knees are a big negative when it comes to standing properly.

If you lock your knees it greatly decreases your ability to move because it only allows your ankles to move freely.

When knees are properly bent, you will be able to use your whole leg to move about and also deliver strong punches.

Hips and Shoulders: Squaring you hips and shoulders is also a very important step to remember when standing proper in martial arts.

This will help you maintain level gravity and center your weight so again smooth movement will be allowed.

Of course you will tilt your shoulders one way or another for a brief moment, but this should never be the way you maintain you frame all the time.

Waist: Your waist is at the center of your body and allows you to bend when you are trying to avoid a hit.

For a normal stance, you want to bend slightly forward at all times – this will allow you to have a more powerful punch as well as increase the range of your throwing.

Another thing is that this makes it much easier to to retract your punches when your opponent tries to make a pass at you.

Chin: Your chin is an extremely vulnerable spot and should be protected at all times.

It is important to remember to keep it as close to your chest as possible at all times.

Eyes: Eyes of course play an important role, but positioning them in the right spot is important.

When training, as mentioned before, one must keep their chin tucked and by doing this, they will have to learn to look from their brows rather than how they do normally.

Hands: The leading hand should always be kept in front, and maintained at the same level as your eyes.

The further your hand is out front, the closer and quicker you will be able to jab your opponent.

When a hand is held lower it has more power but also decreases your speed quite a bit.


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