The Self Defense Matrix

//The Self Defense Matrix

The Self Defense Matrix

Since violence is considered to be so complex, you can visualize a matrix to understand its many levels and dimensions.

It is important to be prepared for all situations when it comes to martial arts for self defense versus just your level of expertise.

While its purpose is in no way shape or form supposed to be used in answering your questions or as a guiding system, a tactical matrix is a mere example that shows just how complex violence can be.

To a martial artist however, it helps to give you an understanding that being prepared for one thing, does not mean you are prepared for everything!

Violence is so complex that if you ever truly wanted to understand it all, you would need to understand things such as biology, psychology, criminal dynamics, athletics, law, strategy, and much more.

Out of this complex disaster, the bottom line is if you plan on surviving and using martial arts for self defense, you’re going to need an answer that both simple and quick for every circumstance.

A matrix is a tool that is used in describing and analyzing an event that is full of levels and dimensions.

We can easily visualize a matrix to understand what it is.

First let’s take the four ways in which a fight can arise. One, you are taken by surprise and hit before you realized a conflict was occurring.

Two, you had an idea that something was wrong but were unclear as to what. Three, you had an idea it was coming and you were prepared. Four, you surprised him and ambushed him.

Now, let’s consider the various levels of force that may be used. One, you can’t injure the other individual. Two, injury is expectable but you cannot kill.

Three, while prudent as well as legally justified, killing can occur.

We now have four ways a fight can occur and three levels of force that may used which has created a 3 x 4 matrix.

If you were to draw this all out in a diagram with boxes, you would have a total of 12 options, meaning 12 possibilities of scenarios, with each individual box equaling a situation.

The great thing about a matrix when it comes to how to learn martial arts is that you have the ability to plug in any sort of tactic, system, and technique you desire.

For example, Karate, boxing, handgun, and swords can be applied to the matrix. The matrix can also be expanded in other ways for example, of you are fighting against more than one component, if you have a weapon, and so on.

Those numbers of boxes (situations) can extend into the hundreds and far beyond.

The even better thing about a matrix is knowing and being aware that you need to be prepared for all of those boxes, for all of those situations.

In no way should you keep your fingers crossed and hope that the situation that will occur will by chance fall within your favorite box or area of expertise.

Since violence is not only complex but unpredictable, multiple situations can occur and you need to be prepared for every last one of them! When it comes to how to learn martial arts, this key point must be remembered.

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